#BUIDL with Google Cloud

Come #buidl what's next on Google Cloud. Quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality. 

Get started with 30 days of unlimited Qwiklabs training as well as more than 60 on-demand webinarshundreds of how-to videos, playlists, and training courses and in-depth learning paths on platforms including Pluralsight and Coursera.

Leveraging the power of BigQuery allows you to access blockchain data via SQL and find meaningful insights rapidly. This data can also be easily exported to CSV, Avro, or JSON files and used for further analysis using graph databases, visualization tools, and machine learning frameworks. EOS blockchain dataset is coming soon. Meanwhile, explore our public datasets of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain

More to come, such as how we're using GCP's best of breed security, high-availability, and performance to manage our EOS nodes. 


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