We've created a publicly visible and joinable Google group to discuss GCP block producer-related issues. Please join here: When this changelog updates, we'll also post to the Google group.

Over the past several months the Google Cloud team has improved the infrastructure that supports our block producer candidate. Key focus areas have been reliability, security and disaster recovery.

Details on some of these efforts can be found in:

  1. High Availability Setup of Block Producer Nodes
  2. Backup of Signing Nodes
  3. Upgrading nodeos Version
  4. Incorporating KEOSD for key management

We'll continue to add more docs and update this changelog. Looking ahead we plan to open source our automation scripts so that anyone can deploy and operate a block producer node on Google Cloud.

We are in discussions to join other community projects later this year and will be able to share more details at a later date


Block producer candidate node deployed.